Environmental/Field Services - Food Lodging


Services include Plan review, Permitting and inspecting restaurants, food stands, mobile food units, schools/cafeterias, meat markets, rest/nursing homes, child daycares, adult daycares, lodging, seafood markets, mental health facilities, residential care homes, spa/swimming pools and tattoo/piercing establishments, complaint investigations, and in- house food handling courses offered six times a year.

Environmental/Field Services - Onsite Waste Water

Onsite Waste Water

Responsibilities include (but not limited to) the following: Site/soil evaluations for the placement of on- site wastewater systems up to 3,000 gallons/day, Inspect and issue operation permits for all septic tank systems, Inspect and permit all mobile home parks, Conduct water, sewage and sanitation inspection on all migrant housing, Inspect the construction of all private drinking water wells, Collect water samples, Investigate complaints.

Environmental/Field Services - Wells


Inspect the construction of all private drinking water wells. A private drinking water well permit costs $155.00.

Environmental/Field Services - Animal Control

Animal Control

The Robeson County Animal Control program consists of the Animal Shelter and Animal Control Officers. Animal Control Officer’s pick up stray animals and works closely with the Animal Shelter to facilitate pet adoptions, rabies vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering programs. Please contact the shelter at 910-865-2200 for more information.

Environmental/Field Services - Tattoo Body Regulations

Tattoo/Body Piercing Regulations

There is an annual fee of $255.00 for tattoo artists.

Environmental/Field Services - Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections

Permits are provided to public swimming facilities at an annual fee of $105.00

Environmental/Field Services - Temporary Food Est Permits

Temporary Food Establishment Permits

These must be permitted in order to operate. A fee of $75.00 is required.


Environmental Health Grades

Environmental Health Grade
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