Clinic Services - Adult Health

Adult Health

Adult Health is a primary clinic offering quality healthcare to adults 21 & up. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Routine Healthcare Visits
  • Work, School and Sports Physicals
  • Sick Visits for Established Patients
  • Asthma Care
  • High Blood Pressure Care
  • Diabetes Management
  • High Blood Cholesterol Care
  • Routine Immunizations
  • Referrals to Specialty Clinics as Needed
Clinic Services - Child Health

Child Health

Child Health Plus Clinic provides comprehensive child health and wellness care for patients ages birth to 21 years of age. A physician is available each day to address the child’s health care needs. Services include well child care, checkups, preventative services, immunizations, sick visits and referrals to specialists. Medicaid, private insurance and self-payment accepted with sliding fee scale available based upon income eligibility.

Clinic Services - Maternal Health

Maternal Health

The purpose of the Maternity Clinic is to improve the health of women during pregnancy and reduce infant mortality and morbidity. Cost of services is based on income.

Services include:

  • Assessment and management of the pregnant woman during her prenatal experience
  • Referral for Medicaid eligibility determination/WIC enrollment
  • Pregnancy Care Management
  • Nutrition consultation by on-site registered dietitians
  • Smoking cessation counseling
  • Infant feeding education

Maternal Health: 910-737-4000
Español: 910-671-3408

Improving Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

Family Planning Services

The Family Planning program is designed to help clients make a reproductive life plan… you decide if and when you have a baby. We offer free or low-cost birth control methods based on income.

Birth Control Methods available are: oral contraceptive pills, depo provera injections, condoms, IUD’s – Mirena, Kyleena, & Liletta, and Implants – Nexplanon.

Other services included are:

  • Physical exams with appropriate lab tests and follow up of abnormal findings
  • Sexually transmitted disease screenings
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Private, confidential health services
  • Emergency contraception

Appointments are necessary and cost is based on income.

Call (910) 671-3408 or (910) 671-3462


Pregnancy Testing & Counseling

Pregnancy testing and counseling is available by appointment only.

Call Pregnancy Testing & Counseling at 910-671-3408 or 910-671-3462

Clinic Services - Infectious Diseases

Communicable Diseases and Conditions

Our goal is to prevent and eliminate the transmission of diseases. This can be achieved through testing, vaccination and appropriate personal behaviors and habits.

There are many viruses, bacteria, and other agents that cause diseases and infections that can be transferred from person to person or animal to person. There are currently almost 100 diseases and conditions that are required to be reported by NC physicians. Please call us for more information on our communicable disease clinic services or to receive additional information on reporting requirements and forms.

Clinic Services - Chest Clinic

Tuberculosis (TB)

We offer TB screening and testing. For individuals that have active or latent TB disease, we provide treatment. Contact investigations are also performed. Please call us for more information.

Chest clinic is the 3rd Wednesday each month when Dr. Charles Beasley, local Pulmonologist and our County Chest Clinician, comes to the RCHD to see TB patients and suspects. He also reviews chest x rays and charts of latent TB patients and writes orders to recommend treatment.

Clinic Services - Colposcopy


A colposcopy is a routine procedure performed after a woman has had one or more abnormal pap smears.  A colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows the clinician to take a closer look at the cervix.

During a colposcopy the clinician can determine exactly where the abnormalities are and take small tissue samples from those areas on the cervix.

From the tissue samples it can be determined if treatment is necessary or if the cervix simply requires continued monitoring. In most cases treatment is not necessary.

Pap smears and colposcopies help us catch abnormalities early so they can be professionally assessed and dealt with if needed.  Many women have at least one abnormal pap smear and some have one or more colposcopies over the course of their lifetime. Thanks to the body’s immune system, most of the time the abnormalities on the cervix go away on their own.

Clinic Services - Immunizations


Immunizations are a vital part of preventing vaccine preventable diseases across the lifespan. We offer childhood and adult vaccines, some at no cost to the client. Contact us for more information on vaccines offered or to make an appointment.

Clinic Services - STD HIV


We offer free screening and testing for sexually transmitted diseases/infections every day. Clients may be tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, Herpes, and Trichomoniasis. For more information call 910-671-3200.

In addition to HIV testing, eligible residents can be provided with care/services through Dogwood Healthcare Network. This is a regional system of care for persons with HIV/AIDS. The system consists of three Infectious Disease (ID) clinics and provides referrals as needed to other healthcare providers.

The three ID clinics include the Robeson County Health Department, Southeastern Regional AHEC and Tri-County Community Health Center.  These clinics serve persons living in Bladen, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland Counties. Please call 910-737-5010 for more information.

Clinic Services - Nutrition


Nutritional counseling by a Registered Dietitian for pediatrics and adults

  • We accept self-referrals or Physician referrals
WIC Women Infants and Children


WIC – Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program

  • It’s for children up to age 5, Pregnant and Post Partum women and infants.
  • You receive Food Instruments for healthy foods, healthy eating tips and breastfeeding support
  • You must live in NC, meet income guidelines (or receive SNAP/Medicaid) and have a health risk based on height, weight, blood test for low iron, health or diet history

To do an online referral to this Program –

Nondiscrimination Statement